Health Tips & Video Links

Health Tips and Video Links

  1. A hearty problem – interview for Bangalore Mirror Newspaper, 16 Jan 2022 (Link)
  2. Importance of Door to Balloon time – for World Heart Day 29 Sept 2021 (Link)
  3. Lakshan ke karan asamanjasa – interview for Rajasthan Pathrike, World Heart Day 29th Sept 2021 (Link)
  4. Post pandemic, Bengaluru sees spike in heart ailments among those aged between 20 and 40 – Indian Express Newspaper, 29th Sept 2021 (Link)
  5. Post pandemic effect: Why middle aged in Bengaluru are witnessing spike in heart ailments – Financial Express Newspaper, 29th Sept 2021 (Link)
  6. Covid and Heart Care – invited speaker for Panacea, 13th Dec 2020 (Link) (Video)
  7. Heart Care in Covid times – message on Radio One International, 29th Sept 2020 (Link)
  8. World Diabetes Day 27th Nov 2019 (Video)
  9. CPR Training and Awareness, Power TV Health Camp and Awareness, 15 Jan 2020 (Link) (Link)
  10. ‘Festival Safety tips & tricks’ – interview for Deccan Herald Newspaper, 23rd Oct 2019 (Link) (Link).
  11. Covid 19 and Facial Hair – US Centers for Disease Control Recommendations (Link)
  12. Diet tips for a Healthy Heart during Covid times (Link)
  13. Empower your Heart – General heart health video (Link)
  14. Healthy eating and BP (Link)
  15. Heart Attack – General Information (Link)
  16. Hole in the Heart – Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) (Link)
  17. Home BP monitoring (Kannada) (Link)
  18. Primary Angioplasty for Acute Heart Attack (Link)
  19. Respect the Doctor! (Link)
  20. Seven tips for a healthy heart (Link)