Local Activity

  1. Recognition and Management of MI – invited speaker for CME in association with NIMA (National Integrated Medical Association), 19th Dec 2021 (Link).
  2. Prevention of Heart Diseases – invited speaker for American Air Filter (AAF) Company, 23rd Nov 2021 (Link).
  3. Prevention of Heart Disease – Invited Speaker for ‘American Air Filter’ Company, 23rd Nov 2021 (Link). 
  4. Sudden Cardiac Death – invited speaker for CME for Indian Medical Association –  Bangalore, 14th Nov 2021 (Link) (Link).
  5. ACS Management during Pandemic period – invited speaker for CME by Astra Zeneca, 29th Oct 2021.
  6. ‘What can we do right to look after our heart?’ – Invited speaker for Aurigo Software Limited on the occasion of World Heart Day, 1st Oct 2021 (Link). 
  7. Prevention of Heart Disease – Invited Speaker for ‘Aditya Birla Fashion’ Group on the occasion of World Heart Day, 29th Sept 2021 (Link).
  8. Recent advances in Heart Failure – invited speaker (Webinar) for CME organised by Cipla, 15th June 2021 (Link).
  9. Stroke prevention and beyond with anticoagulants in NVAF patients – invited speaker (Webinar) to Cardiologists & Physicians organised by Bayer, 9th June 2021 (Link).
  10. Role of Oral Anti Platelets in the Management of complex PCI patients – invited speaker for CME organised by Astrazenaca, Bangalore, 28th May 2021 (Link).
  11. ‘Needle in the Cath Lab’ – speaker (webinar) at Complex PCI Enclave, organised by Abbott India, 28th May 2021 (Link).
  12. Did you cross my path?’ – speaker (webinar) at ‘Cardiology Update 2020, Series II, Part 1’ Organised by Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, 3rd Nov 2020 (Link).
  13. Dynamics in the management of ACS and Heart failure (HFrEF) – invited speaker (Webinar) to Cardiologists and Physicians organised by Astrazenaca, Bangalore, 16th Oct 2020 (Link).
  14. Seemingly Impossible Case – presentation at Cardiac Forum (Webinar), Bangalore, 7th Oct 2020 (Link).
  15. ‘Appearances can be deceptive’ – invited speaker (Webinar) for the ‘World Heart Day – CVD Management through Interventions by Med Ed Trust’, Chennai, 6th Oct 2020 (Link).
  16. ‘Heart Care in Covid times’ – interview in ‘Radio One International’ on World Heart Day, 29th Sept 2020 (Link).
  17. ‘Atorvastatin in Dyslipidemia – Going beyond Dyslipidemia’, Webinar organised by Zydus, 29th Aug 2020 (Link).
  18. ‘The path to success is not always straight’ – Beat Intervention Cardio CME – Bangalore, Webinar organised by Sun Pharma, 26th Aug 2020 (Link).
  19. ‘In the Wake of the Pandemic, Series 4 – Coronary Physiology’ – Webinar, Organised by Abbott, 20th June 2020 (Link).
  20. ‘Complex Cases in Coronary Intervention – Virtual Meet’ – Webinar, Organised by USV in association with SCAI, 20th June 2020 (Link).
  21. ‘Not another graft occlusion’ – presentation at Cardiac Forum, Bangalore, 5th Feb 2020 (Link).
  22. Power TV Medical Camp on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), 15 Jan 2020 (Link-1) (Link-2) (Link-3).
  23. Chief Guest for the Inauguration of Central Lab Extended Services, Bangalore, 15th Dec 2019 (Link) (Link). 
  24. ‘The Pressure should be on us’ – Imaging Guided Complex PCI Symposium, Organised by Abbott, Bangalore, 1st Dec 2019 (Link).
  25. RAHA (Recovery After Heart Attack) – Focus on Cardiac Rehab, 25th Nov 2019 (Link).
  26. ‘Pushing may not always help delivery’ – Cathlab Nightmares – Organised by Abbott, Bangalore, 23rd June 2019 (Link).
  27. Updates in Anti-platelet therapy for ACS – Invited speaker for CME organised by Sun Pharma, Bangalore, 20th June 2019 (Link).
  28. Invited for Didactic lecture on Bifurcation PCI by Cardiac Forum, Bangalore, 9 May 2019 (Link).
  29. Invited Chairperson for PCI session at Jayadeva Live Symposium, Bangalore, 23rd Mar 2019 (Link).
  30. OCT Guided Left Main Bifurcation PCI – Cardiac Forum, Bangalore, 31st Jan 2019 (Link).
  31. Invited speaker at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) – Hassan, “Hypertension – Get on with the Guidelines”, Hassan, 15th Sept 2018 (Link).
  32. Shanthi Nilaya Health Care Centre – Medical Camp, Bangalore, 6th Sept 2018 (Link).
  33. Invited Guest for ‘Sri Byraveshwara Swamy Nageyoga Vyayama koota’ 8th Anniversary Celebrations, Bangalore, 5th Aug 2018 (Link) (Link).
  34. ‘Praja Pragathi News and Media’ Medical Camp, Tumkur, 27 June 2018 (Link) (Link) (Link).
  35. To stent or not to stent – An OCT guided Management – presentation at ‘Optimize PCI’, organised by Abbott, Bangalore, 21st Jan 2018.
  36. MI Management in 2017 – presentation to ‘People Tree @ Meenakshi’ Doctors, Bangalore, 16th Dec 2017.
  37. Invited Speaker at Raghavendra School of Yoga on the occasion of International Yoga Day and 22nd Anniversary Celebrations, Bangalore, 21 June 2017 (Link).
  38. Chief Guest at Sampangiramanagara Nagarika Seva Samithi Medical Camp, Bangalore, 6th June 2017 (Link).
  39. Invited speaker at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) – Kunigal, “Management of Acute Heart Attacks”, Kunigal, 5th May 2017.
  40. ‘Mind the Inflation’ – Case presentation at Annual Medical Grand Round Showtime, Royal Derby Hospital, UK, 31st Mar 2016. Fourth prize winner for the best presentation.
  41. Invited speaker at the Madwa Sangha Youth Hostel, Bangalore, India, 5th Apr 2011 (Link).