CME / Invited Speaker

  1. Be Selective in selecting Beta Blockers – invited speaker for CME Webinar by Merck, 25th Nov 2022. (Link)
  2. Latest evidences with Dapagliflozin and Ticagrelor – Implications to practice – invited speaker for CME Webinar by Astra Zeneca, 23rd Nov 2022. (Link)
  3. Apixaban usage in Stroke/SE prevention in elderly patients with NVAF – invited speaker for CME Webinar by Cipla Limited, 24th Sept 2022. (Link)
  4. Journey of Ticagrelor in ACS – invited speaker for CME Webinar by Cipla Limited, 28th June 2022. (Link)
  5. Dapaglifloxacin – CV benefits & Glycemic control – invited speaker for CME Webinar by Torrent Pharma Limited, 1st June 2022. (Link)
  6. Diamond approach of personalised Angina management – invited speaker & moderator for CME Webinar by Abbott, 20th Mar 2022. (Link)
  7. Recognition and Management of MI – invited speaker for CME in association with NIMA (National Integrated Medical Association), 19th Dec 2021. (Link)
  8. Sudden Cardiac Death – invited speaker for CME for Indian Medical Association –  Bangalore, 14th Nov 2021 (Link) (Link).
  9. ACS Management during Pandemic period – invited speaker for CME by Astra Zeneca, 29th Oct 2021.
  10. Recent advances in Heart Failure – invited speaker (Webinar) for CME organised by Cipla, 15th June 2021 (Link).
  11. Stroke prevention and beyond with anticoagulants in NVAF patients – invited speaker (Webinar) to Cardiologists & Physicians organised by Bayer, 9th June 2021 (Link).
  12. Role of Oral Anti Platelets in the Management of complex PCI patients – invited speaker for CME organised by Astrazenaca, Bangalore, 28th May 2021 (Link).
  13. ‘Needle in the Cath Lab’ – speaker (webinar) at Complex PCI Enclave, organised by Abbott India, 28th May 2021 (Link).
  14. Did you cross my path?’ – speaker (webinar) at ‘Cardiology Update 2020, Series II, Part 1’ Organised by Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, 3rd Nov 2020 (Link).
  15. Dynamics in the management of ACS and Heart failure (HFrEF) – invited speaker (Webinar) to Cardiologists and Physicians organised by Astrazenaca, Bangalore, 16th Oct 2020 (Link).
  16. Seemingly Impossible Case – presentation at Cardiac Forum (Webinar), Bangalore, 7th Oct 2020 (Link).
  17. ‘Appearances can be deceptive’ – invited speaker (Webinar) for the ‘World Heart Day – CVD Management through Interventions by Med Ed Trust’, Chennai, 6th Oct 2020 (Link).
  18. ‘Atorvastatin in Dyslipidemia – Going beyond Dyslipidemia’, Webinar organised by Zydus, 29th Aug 2020 (Link).
  19. ‘The path to success is not always straight’ – Beat Intervention Cardio CME – Bangalore, Webinar organised by Sun Pharma, 26th Aug 2020 (Link).
  20. ‘In the Wake of the Pandemic, Series 4 – Coronary Physiology’ – Webinar, Organised by Abbott, 20th June 2020 (Link).
  21. ‘Complex Cases in Coronary Intervention – Virtual Meet’ – Webinar, Organised by USV in association with SCAI, 20th June 2020 (Link).
  22. ‘Not another graft occlusion’ – presentation at Cardiac Forum, Bangalore, 5th Feb 2020 (Link).
  23. ‘The Pressure should be on us’ – Imaging Guided Complex PCI Symposium, Organised by Abbott, Bangalore, 1st Dec 2019 (Link).
  24. ‘Pushing may not always help delivery’ – Cathlab Nightmares – Organised by Abbott, Bangalore, 23rd June 2019 (Link).
  25. Updates in Anti-platelet therapy for ACS – Invited speaker for CME organised by Sun Pharma, Bangalore, 20th June 2019 (Link).
  26. Invited for Didactic lecture on Bifurcation PCI by Cardiac Forum, Bangalore, 9 May 2019 (Link).
  27. Invited Chairperson for PCI session at Jayadeva Live Symposium, Bangalore, 23rd Mar 2019 (Link).
  28. OCT Guided Left Main Bifurcation PCI – Cardiac Forum, Bangalore, 31st Jan 2019 (Link).
  29. Invited speaker at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) – Hassan, “Hypertension – Get on with the Guidelines”, Hassan, 15th Sept 2018 (Link).
  30. To stent or not to stent – An OCT guided Management – presentation at ‘Optimize PCI’, organised by Abbott, Bangalore, 21st Jan 2018.
  31. MI Management in 2017 – presentation to ‘People Tree @ Meenakshi’ Doctors, Bangalore, 16th Dec 2017.
  32. Invited speaker at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) – Kunigal, “Management of Acute Heart Attacks”, Kunigal, 5th May 2017.
  33. ‘Mind the Inflation’ – Case presentation at Annual Medical Grand Round Showtime, Royal Derby Hospital, UK, 31st Mar 2016. Fourth prize winner for the best presentation.